Chicken Cabbage Salad (GF)  –  $11.90

Vietnamese cabbage salad with shredded chicken, carrot, onions, Vietnamese mint leaves mixed with homemade sweet and sour fish sauce topped with roasted peanut and fried onions.

Cold Spring Roll (GF)  – 2 For $7.00

Vietnamese cold spring roll with lettuce, herbs, beansprouts, rice noodle and avocado with your choice of prawns, beef or chicken served with homemade peanut hoisin sauce.

Fried Spring Roll  – 2 For $7.00

Vietnamese fried spring roll with vegetables, black mushroom, taro, carrot, onion and egg with chicken served with homemade sweet and sour fish sauce.

Vegetarian Spring Roll  – $7.00 (4 pieces)

Deep-fried vegetarian spring roll with cabbage, vermicelli and onion served with sweet chilli sauce.

Curry Puff  –  2 For $7.00

Deep-fried homemade curry puff filled with curry potato, onion and chicken.

Seafood Spring Roll – 5 For $8.00

Vietnamese net seafood spring rolls served with homemade fish sauce.

Fried Dumpling – 5 For $7.00

Fried or steamed dumpling served with homemade sweet  & sour sauce.

Dim Sim  –  3 For $7.00

Deep fried or steamed dim sim with pork cabbages and carrot served with homemade soy sauce.

Fried Chicken Wings – $8.00 ( 6 pieces)

Deep fried arinated chicken wings in homemade fish sauce topped with a sprinkle of onion.


1. Traditional Vietnamese Noodle Soup (GF) – $13.90

Traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef or chicken or vegetables served with sliced shallot, coriander, beansprouts, basil, lemon, hoisin sauce and chilli sauce.

2. Vietnamese bread roll- $9.00

Vietnamese bread spread with mayonnaise, Vietnamese pate, roast pork shoulder, Vietnamese cold cuts served with cucumber, marinated carrot, onion, coriander, fresh chilli and soy sauce.

3. Vietnamese Hue Style Noodle (GF) – $14.90

Vietnamese Hue style noodle soup served with beef, pork and pork cold cuts with a kick of lemon-grass served with mixed salad, fresh chilli and lime.

4. Chef’s Special Chilli Jam (GF) – $16.90

Shaking beef or chicken stir-fried with chef’s special chili jam sauce and mixed vegetables served with steamed rice. 

5. Vietnamese Stir-Fry Beef (GF) – $16.90

Stir-fried marinated beef with lemongrass and mixed vegetables served with Vietnamese thin rice noodles or rice, mixed lettuce, herbs, fried onion, peanut and light fish sauce.

6. Mixed Fried Rice- $12.90

Vietnamese mixed fried rice with pork sausages, prawns, seafood stick, vegetables and egg topped with fried onion and soy sauce.

7. Chargrilled Pork Belly (GF)  – $17.90

Vietnamese rice noodle or rice served with charcoal grilled pork belly, mixed lettuce, herbs, pickled carrot and pawpaw in light homemade fish sauce with a sprinkle of fried onion and peanut.

8. Wok Fried Vermicelli (GF/V) – $15.90

Wok fried rice vermicelli with prawns, chicken and vegetables in our special signature sauce or tofu with homemade soy sauce.

Prawn extra $2

9. Wok Fried Egg Noodle – $16.90

Wok-fried egg noodles with mixed vegetables with your choice of beef, chicken, prawn or tofu in light homemade signature sauce.

Prawn extra $2

10. Wok Fried Flat Rice Noodle (GF/V) – $16.90

Wok-fried Vietnamese flat rice noodles with mixed vegetables with your choice of beef, chicken, prawn or tofu in light homemade signature sauce.

11. Marinated Beef / Chicken (GF) – $16.90

Stir fry beef or chicken in homemade soy butter sauce served with steamed rice.

12. Vietnamese Chicken Curry (GF) – $15.90

Vietnamese chicken curry cooked with coconut milk and sweet potato served with steamed rice.

13. Chicken Satay – $16.90

Wok fried chicken with peanut sauce, sliced onion served with coconut rice.

14. Crispy Chicken Rice (GF) – $16.90

Vietnamese rice steamed with ginger and garlic served with crispy chicken Maryland, soya sauce and pickled vegetables.

15. Vietnamese Combination Noodle Soup – $19.90

Rice noodles in clear broth with seafood, minced pork sprinkled with fried garlic. Served with celery, beansprouts, chives, chilli and lime.

16. Sautéed Calamari (GF) – $17.90

Sauteed calamari with vegetables in spicy sauce served with steamed rice.

17. Wok-fried Seafood – $18.90

Wok fried seafood with vegetables in ginger pepper sauce served with steamed rice.

18. Dumpling Noodle Soup – $14.90

Pork dumpling pieces with egg noodles and slices of pork served in clear broth with bean sprout, chives, lemon and chilli.

19. Vietnamese Duck Soup With Egg Noodle – $19.90

Vietnamese stew duck with pearl mushroom soup served with egg noodles and Chinese chives, beansprouts, lemon and fresh chilli.

20. Wok Fried Tofu (GF/V) – $14.90

Shaking tofu with vegetables in light homemade soya sauce served with steamed rice.


Banana Spring Roll – $6.90 (3 pieces) 

Banana spring roll with coconut cream topping with roasted peanut and sesame seed.

Vietnamese Coffee – $5.00

Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk. Served hot/iced.